The Colourway Collection 

Our goal is to bring awareness to environmental issues across the globe using this shirt collection.


It's a small project but we are hopeful to create more impactful projects as we grow.


Thank you for your support and belief in KAMi Universe. 

Below list the foundations we donate to for each shirt

ALL KAMI PICs-56.jpg

Dark Forest Shirt: Defends and saves almost 2 acres of forest per shirt to the Rain Forest Foundation US

ALL KAMI PICs-125.jpg

Mist Shirt: Donates to the Clean Air Task Force

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 12.54.09 PM.png

Summer Sun/ Pink Sunset Shirts: These two shirts donate to the "Let there be light" Organization which contributes to building solar lanterns for families who don't have access to light at night

ALL KAMI PICs-13.jpg

Deep / Tropic Ocean Shirts: These two shirts donate to "The Ocean Cleanup" organization