The KAMi Mission

Our goal is to bring awareness to environmental issues across the globe. We hope that our clothing products and video content can be a major symbol for wildlife and the environment around the world.

Below list the foundations we donate to for each shirt

ALL KAMI PICs-56.jpg

Dark Forest Shirt: Defends and saves almost 2 acres of forest per shirt to the Rain Forest Foundation US

ALL KAMI PICs-125.jpg

Mist Shirt: Donates to the Clean Air Task Force


Summer Sun/ Pink Sunset Shirts: These two shirts donate to the "Let there be light" Organization which contributes to building solar lanterns for families who don't have access to light at night

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ALL KAMI PICs-13.jpg

Deep / Tropic Ocean Shirts: These two shirts donate to "The Ocean Cleanup" organization

KAMi Joggers donate by random selection to organizations above