Located in Indianapolis, Indiana; KAMi Universe is a clothing brand uniquely positioned to bring awareness to environmental conservation.  We hope to influence and bring awareness using our high street active wear, and videos.   

Our Story

KAMi is a Japanese word used to describe a God, Goddess, or Divine Being. As creators, reaching a God like level in our work is special because it means we are achieving the closest point of perfection within ourselves. 
The word KAMi references divine beings in Japanese mythology. It describes the Gods of nature; so there are different KAMi for various animals, mountains, oceans, and wildlife. A lot of our streetwear inspiration comes from nature-like elements to show the appreciation we have for it.
Our logo below represents the sun or moon hovering over the ocean
Our Kanji Japanese logo means "KAMi Universe"
KAMI Logo for site.png
new kami jap logot.png